Criminal Dinner in Berlin

A murderously good evening

…and suddenly the countess lay dead on the floor of the library! What had happened? She just wanted to have dinner with her daughter in the salon. But where is the daughter by the way? And why is there a knife missing in the kitchen although the cook swears that only he has access to the kitchen?

Could we arouse your interest? Do you want to know what happened to the countess? This or another thrilling crime story awaits you at our famous criminal dinner nights!

While you are enjoying a multi-course menu and indulge yourself with the delicious treats from the kitchen the crime scene is developing all around you. Your neighbor, who you assumed to be just a guest, might be involved in the story suddenly and maybe he won’t return after the break…

Course by course, step by step more and more mysterious details are revealed and in the end there is one final question – Who is the murderer?!

Did you pay attention and combined all the clues as to expose the murderer?

A criminal dinner is the ideal recommendation when you are looking for an exceptional frame for your corporate event. Everyone will enjoy this evening, no matter if passionate crime fan or just a gourmet. We promise you lots of fun and entertainment with this dynamic criminal comedy play. Sometimes your guests are even involved in the story (un)voluntarily and have to adopt roles that might be important for the story. Therefore, always pay close attention! But don’t worry, experienced actors will assist and lead you all the time so that you can convict the guilty one in the end.

With HEP you can turn your corporate event into a “murderously good evening”. If desired, we can also organize the transfer of your guests to the theater or afterwards to a bar to close the evening together. Challenge us and we will do our best to make your criminal dinner unforgettable!

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