Staff Outings in Berlin

Just out of the office for some time

You feel like there is no energy left at the moment? Not only for you personally but for your team and your employees as well? Stagnation, projects running into dead ends, everyone is captured by the daily routine? Then it’s time for a staff outing!

Forget the business for a day. Today, the screens will stay dark and the light in the office turned off. Get on the way and experience day full of variety, excitement, fun and team spirit. A staff outing is the best medicine for everyday frustration. A change of scenery will be helpful for your team and afterwards you can all return with new energy and motivation to work.

HEP, Hanseatische Event Partner from Hamburg, is also your contact person in Berlin if you are planning to make a special staff outing. Standard is what everyone does – we promise you a staff outing that you won’t forget easily.

First of all, we will find the ideal theme – do you have something sporty, something entertaining or something gastronomical in mind? Next, we directly start with the planning and create an event that is tailored individually to your wishes and your budget. What about an entertaining rafting trip or an exciting casino evening? Such events are optimally suited for team building as they can strengthen the group cohesion sustainably.

Benefit from our broad network of partner in the greater area of Berlin, our huge offer of creative and interactive programs and our unfailing creativity. We always work according to our motto “Challenge us!” and if you come up with an idea to which we don’t have a solution yet we will find one immediately!

We are a full-service event agency and we will be by your side from planning to implementation and evaluation of your staff outing with all our expertise. Contact us today and will will find just what you are looking for!

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