Private Celebrations in Berlin

The perfect reason for a celebration

There are numerous reasons to celebrate. But often the excuse is something like “It’s not that special. Is it really worth the effort to organize a big party for this? I think, I will postpone it. Maybe next year…” But be honest to yourself, was there every a party “next year”?

We at HEP think you should celebrate the parties as they come! Don’t hesitate and organize a celebration with your friends, family and all the people that matter to you.

A decadal (or non-decadal) birthday is pending? – The ideal reason for a celebration!

Your parents have their silver or even gold wedding anniversary? – The ideal reason for a celebration!

Your daughter has graduated with perfect scores? – The ideal reason for a celebration!

A good friend returns to Germany after a long time living abroad? – The ideal reason for a celebration!

You want to give the 20-year class reunion an appropriate frame? – The ideal reason for a celebration!

Do you need more incentives? We hope we could convince you that it’s always worth to celebrate!

And with HEP a regular party will become a festive party that will amaze all your guests! With us, the full-service event agency, you don’t have to worry about a thing. We plan, organize, reserve, discuss, decorate, season, and and and. Lean back and let us do the work for you.

We just need some vague ideas to create a program for you perfectly tailored to your wishes and budget. Our longstanding experience in the hotel and gastronomy business have made us experts in keeping attention to all the small little details.

Challenge us and look forward to your celebration with HEP!

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