Photo Safari in Berlin

An exciting photo workshop for you and your team

Photography is recently gaining popularity as a hobby in Germany. Either with a reflex camera or with your smartphone – photography is hip!

We will show you the latest techniques and you will learn a lot about exposure, image details and angles. Don’t be afraid of modern technique – new digital photography is just fun! Digital photography is explained to you in a simple way and you will have immediate senses of achievement!

The workshops can be realized inside as well as out in the nature. You can book this event either as a teambuilding event or as an individual training with your own camera.

You will be supervised by experts and get provided with professional equipment. Our team awaits you cheerfully and will soon arouse your passion for photography. Playfully you delve into photography. Value is added for all participants who return home with all the positive experiences from the event to apply the new things learned afterwards.

Gladly, we will develop your individual photo workshop which will be structured according to you wishes either task- or topic-related.

Event-Skyline Hamburg