City walk in Berlin-Kreuzberg

Through the most diverse district of Berlin

Kreuzberg – everyone has different feelings about this district. Before the reunification Kreuzberg was an outsider. Located between Spree and other East Berlin districts many flats were empty, it was a district of foreign workers, students, hedonists and other creative and alternative individualists. In Kreuzberg you could live away from the masses in an unconventional way.

Today, however, with its central location Kreuzberg is for long already no insider tip anymore but rather one of the city’s most famous districts. Lots of advertising agencies have settled here and the music scene is very big here as well.

At this exciting city walk you will feel the dynamic of Kreuzberg that came along with the reunification. But despite big changes the district didn’t lose its atmosphere. It’s still a place of ideas, tolerance and individual freedom.

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