Tube Station

Celebrating in a fancy design

THE location in the famous district Berlin Mitte. In the bar, the club area or the lounge, an exquisite celebration with some hundred people will be unforgettable in this fascinating atmosphere with modern design and first-class equipment.

The central location in the city centre can be easily reached with public transport. The Tube Station has three entrances, one in Friedrichstraße and two in Mohrenstraße. Cars and busses can be parked directly in front of the door. Reservations for underground parking can be made.

The bar (80m²) with counter, wardrobe and designer moon lamp as well as the club area (180m²) with lounge and designer DJ desk can be used as event locations individually or combined. The rooms are ground-level and have glass all around which creates impressive light effects. However, they can also be completely dimmed if required.

Especially in summer many events take place in the two greened yards (each 200m²). Here you can celebrate undisturbed, listening to relaxing Lounge music. The yards are not accessible from the outside and there are no private residents who might feel bothered.

All rooms are equipped with professional event technique. The grid ceiling and the all-around pipe can be ideally used for decoration. The rooms have huge double doors to the yards so that vehicle can easily drive into the club area.


Event-Skyline Hamburg