Bosseln at “Altes Land” in the south of Hamburg

A traditional game for your team

Do you know Bosseln (Boßeln)? It is a traditional sports played in Northern Germany and recently it is also gaining popularity in Hamburg, in particular in the region of “Altes Land”, an area of reclaimed marshland famous for its apples. This sociable sports is ideal for getting to know each other. Fun and relaxation are guaranteed. It is the optimal event for teambuilding!

And this is how you do bosseln: While going for a walk you and your group try to bring a hard rubber ball into its goal with as few attempts as possible. Naturally, there will be at least one competing team. Located at a beautiful fruit farm in the Altes Land you will find the 3km-long bossel track.

Will will provide a handcart and all the equipment needed. If you are interested we can also send you an extended offer including drinks and snacks – contact us!

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