Dragon Boat Race – From Asia to Hamburg

Chinas traditional sports on the Alster river

Get to know an old and dignified traditional sport from China that has developed into a trend sport recently and leaves everyone who has tried it once with unforgettable experiences – rowing together in a dragon boat.

The long and lean boat is constructed in the tradition of the famous dragon boats used in races. However, our boat is built in a way that also beginners can handle it easily and safely. The boat made of mahogany wood can be rowed by up to 14 people. Also the helmsman (in the back of the boat) can sit and the drummer can get a seat in the front, too, if required. In addition, a drum can be provided on demand. Capsizing is nearly impossible with this boat and you will really enjoy the physical activity. Optionally, life vests and waterproof barrels for your personal belongings can be rented on demand.

This event takes about 2 hours.

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